Q&A: What Are Some Quick Ways A Guy Can Improve His SMV?

What are some quick ways a guy can improve their smv (life hacks / short term smv improvements)?

I got this question from Rancho and decided I would try and come up with ten quick ways a guy can improve his SMV. That means anything which would improve either his status, looks or behaviours. This list is very simple and you should ask yourself whether you could do any of these and put one into action today. In a week’s time or so, add another. Rinse and repeat.

  1. Daygame somewhere else: in a different area or country. By simply taking your current SMV you might be able to put it in another country and it will be in a higher percentile. Whether that’s because they like your particular genetic make-up or because your home country is considered higher status than theirs. There’s nothing stopping you from taking a few days, or even just one day, off work to travel to another country to gather some leads, try for some i-dates and SDLs, and then return a week or two later to go on some dates and throw out a few more sets. If you can’t take time off work or can’t afford it then consider Daygaming somewhere else in your city. Let’s say you have an artistic archetype, then maybe throw out one of your sessions in somewhere like Shoreditch or Camden (or the equivalent for your city if you don’t live in London). Or perhaps you have nicer clothes and look a bit richer: go to Mayfair or Chelsea.
  2. Lose 5-10 pounds. It’s way, way easier to lose the first 5-10 pounds than it is to lose the last. You’ll probably drop some water weight to begin with (making that amount even easier) which will quite quickly make you look a bit more attractive, especially if it means less puffiness in your face. Just find one way to swap out a high calorie item for lower calorie and/or higher protein ones and put it into practice e.g. chocolate bars for protein bars, nuts for fruit, higher fat cuts of meat for lower fat ones, swap a snack out for a cup of coffee (decaf if you’re concerned about sleep).
  3. Improve your style by adding an accessory (your style should always have some sort of “edge”), get a good haircut, wear a nice deodorant/aftershave, buy a new t-shirt, etc. Essentially any small change that will improve your looks.
  4. Laser eye surgery. I get that this one isn’t such a quick change but it is definitely a simple one. I don’t see why any Daygamer would still be wearing glasses these days given they could get this done.
  5. Watch a cool movie and inhabit the character or listen to some music (before your session) and imagine yourself playing for thousands of people. I can’t say exactly why but when I do this, especially the latter, I get more IOIs.
  6. Record your sets and listen back to the good ones. Make notes on what you said, what you could have said, what you liked, what you disliked, etc. This should act as a good reminder for best practices. You should go one step further and get your wing to record 5-10 seconds of you on video so you can do the same for your body language and stop.
  7. Stop listening to political/negative podcasts or at the very most only have one that you listen to, and unfollow negative Twitter accounts. This should help with your vibe.
  8. Don’t say negative things while Daygaming and instead just keep them inside, whether you’re out solo or with a wing. Remember what your mother used to say: “If you’ve got nothing good to say, then it’s better to say nothing at all.” Negativity is a serious drag on you and your wing and should never be done, no matter what, and if you feel yourself coming down you’re better off politely telling your wing that you’re not feeling up for the session today and would just be a drag.
  9. Take a cold shower. This doesn’t need to be all in one, just start with hot water and then turn it cold once you’re ready. Over time you can spend more time in the cold. In my opinion the best reason to do this is that you feel that you’ve overcome something each day. If you can get straight in a cold shower, you can do anything.
  10. Meditate for five minutes each day: set a timer, get comfortable and just sit/lay there. Don’t force yourself into mantras or specific breathing techniques. Just take five minutes out of your day to do nothing. I find this helps to give me an extra half second while talking to people before I react.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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