SMV High Hanging Fruit

Earlier this week I wrote a post about some quick and easy ways to improve your SMV (link here); each of those might give you a one or two – maybe even a five – percent increase. But what about the really important stuff? What about the hard stuff? (ooh err) Here are five ways to improve your SMV which you should be working towards as your medium to long term aims.

  1. Identify your Big Problem (capitals intended) and work towards fixing it. For me that used to be/is being too impatient with girls – pulling too quickly – and generally expecting things to fall apart. That took a long time to fix and I had to introduce some arbitrary rules to begin dealing with it. Perhaps your Big Problem might be a hang-up regarding your race, height, upbringing, etc which you need to come to terms with and accept. Or perhaps you’ve never felt entitled enough to believe that you can interrupt a girl’s day to try hitting on her. Maybe it’s that you’ve always been a reactive person and flakes and blowouts get to you way too much. Identify the big personality trait which is causing you to fall down, work out where it comes from, and try to fix it and/or come to terms with it.
  2. Work hard to understand your core personality traits/identity and which events in your childhood and adolescence had the largest impact on you. Be your own therapist and really dig deep. I recommend starting with something as simple as the Myers Briggs test and from there seeing where your strengths and weaknesses are. How can you highlight these strengths to girls and tailor your Game towards them?
  3. Get down to 10-15% bodyfat. I’ve talked about this a lot in previous posts (link here) but there is simply no excuse to be a fat Daygamer. I’ve Daygamed at 265 lbs and at 205 lbs and I can tell you that the latter makes things so much easier for you, not to mention the clear health and fitness benefits.
  4. Quit your job to work on your own business or in an industry you’d love to work in and/or go remote and move to a country you’d love to live in. If you’re spending 40 hours a week doing a job which you dislike or are entirely ambivalent towards then that’s 40 hours’ drag on your vibe each week. Life is too short to be worrying about the reports you need to send the next day and whether your colleague will make a silly mistake which ends up with you correcting it.
  5. Keep notes on your Game for a year and write down whenever you do something wrong. Add to your list of notes and create a list of lessons learned which you update as you fix certain issues and add to as you come across more. This is exactly what I did in 2021 (and continue to do now; link here).

I hope those help. Once you’ve exhausted the low hanging fruit then it’s time to go after the really juicy stuff and get to the bottom of your issues.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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3 thoughts on “SMV High Hanging Fruit

  1. interesting post. mind expanding a little about being impatient? like – do you think girls something play ‘hard to get’ to mask their feelings and you need to be a little slower? or is that just a sign of low physical attraction? i tend to think that if a girl wants you, things will happen fairly fast/easily anyway


    1. Mainly I was doing stupid things like trying to pull home a date early whereas they would have been (I think) well up for it on the next one; pulling to quickly showed them I didn’t want them for a relationship in any case so I guess it made them feel cheap. Distinctly remember one example where i saw the light leave her eyes when I pulled too quickly.


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