Your Potential

As has been noted before, the similarities between bodybuilding and Daygame are seemingly endless; I only need to go to the gym to get an idea for a blog post. Today is all about genetic potential. There’s an old Krauser post where he talks about “reveal vs restructure,” in that some guys only need to remove a few unattractive layers of their personality in order to reveal the SMV underneath, whereas others have to go through a full on “restructure” to become an attractive man. I’m arguing that restructures don’t exist and that there is only “reveal.”

Let’s start with the part which I think everyone will agree on: that there is a limit to how good looking you can be. Your genes are set in stone and so the Player’s Journey is never going to make you taller or change your bone structure. Then there’s your genetic potential for building muscle and gaining or losing fat; think of the three body types of endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Part of that is your bodyfat percentage set point: some people were born to be shredded, others were born to be morbidly obese. And who could forget testosterone production? I had my levels checked recently and the results came out in the normal range, but someone else might have very low levels or very high levels. Now, some genes do have a kind of on and off switch, but still, that ability to switch is set from day one.

But what about Game and charisma? This is the part which I think many more people will disagree with, and will rub some people entirely up the wrong way. I think that is because in private, everyone will admit that you can’t “get every girl,” but that in public it contradicts their business model. And for those individuals who have had to do a lot of “revealing” that it is in some way reducing their achievement (but in reality I think that they had the wrong conception from the start).

I personally think that someone’s capacity to succeed in Game is predetermined. It may not seem that way on the surface if someone has spent most of their life being sexually-irrelevant, but I think that the seeds of their success were always lying dormant. They might not have succeeded with women, but they might have shown determinism and a level of resilience elsewhere in their lives which will transfer over to them learning Game. Those seeds of personality are sown way before someone starts learning Game. In fact, we have a word for someone who’s seeds were cultivated properly in childhood and throughout their teenage years: naturals.

And as for an individual’s ability to learn, I think that comes from the setup of their brains. Some people produce more dopamine than others. Those who produce more dopamine and direct it towards the control circuit are better able to think in the abstract, foregoing instant gratification in return for long term rewards. Therefore those who succeed in Game were meant to succeed.

I can see this in my current work, and have noted multiple times (but not to colleagues): “if I was in charge of the hiring policy, not many people would make it through their probation periods.” That’s because people either have it or they don’t; some people can think intuitively or at least get on with things and fail their way to success, whereas others are caught up with what other people think of them and are overwhelmed by their anxiety.

That’s why a coach’s job isn’t to make something out of nothing – zero multiplied by any number is still zero – but to instead identify the seed that is already there and help it to grow, while providing some realistic expectations based on the level of that potential.

Only a tiny % of the population can make it to what was previously described as “intermediate levels of success” and therefore I think the aim of most guys practicing Daygame should be to get a girlfriend. Sure, it’s fun to live vicariously through top player’s lay reports, and give it a go – make an earnest attempt to become a player – but getting a good girlfriend represents the best option for the vast majority. The players of any one city can service the female demand for fast sex in that city to a large extent; they are more than happy to expand their supply! That leaves a small group of girls who will fall down the demand curve to sleep with the remainder. Therefore I recommend using Game to reveal the extent of your potential and then make a responsible and logical decision based on that.

Someone could read this post and think “well I’m never going to succeed and so I should quit.” Great, you weren’t the kind of person who would succeed anyway. Another person might think, “fuck this guy, I’m going to succeed in spite of what he says.” Also great, you had the seeds of personality to succeed.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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3 thoughts on “Your Potential

  1. As I read this post, I kept thinking “doesn’t matter what TC says here, I’m gonna keep grinding away. I’m still getting better and learning”. Not sure what my potential is, but at least until I hit some sort of plateau in my learning, I have no interest in breaking away from daygame.

    Similarly, I’ve been mulling over the similarities between jiu jitsu and daygame. It draws some parallels to this post. I’ve heard of gym owners say they see thousands of students come through their doors and only a tiny fraction of them stick around.

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    1. ☝🏻 my point exactly! This links into my post on whether “game works” or whether it’s all just signalling. In this case Game isn’t changing you more than it’s chiseling away at the marble to reveal what’s underneath


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